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At Home is the home décor superstore with more than 125 large format stores that we believe dedicate more space per store to home décor than any other player in the industry. We are focused on providing the broadest assortment of products to suit every room, every style and every budget. We utilize our space advantage to out-assort our competition, offering more than 50,000 unique items across broad product categories, including furniture, garden, home textiles, housewares, patio, rugs, seasonal décor, tabletop décor and wall décor.

Our differentiated merchandising strategy allows us to identify trends in the marketplace and then value-engineer products to provide desirable aesthetics at attractive price points for our customers. The majority of our products are unbranded, private label or specifically designed for us. We believe that our broad and comprehensive offering and compelling value proposition combine to create a leading destination for home décor with the opportunity to continue taking market share in a large, fragmented and growing market.

We have loyal, enthusiastic and diverse customers who are deeply passionate about, and love to decorate, their homes. At Home prides ourselves on enabling everyone to unleash their inner decorators. Our store’s wide array of merchandise allows customers to express their own unique style throughout their home, because their home is a direct reflection of their personality. Decorating a home is a continuous, ever evolving process that can be as simple as replacing patio cushions with a new seasonal pattern or as involved as updating the look of a whole room or the entire house. Making customers feel at home while shopping At Home is our primary focus, and we create an in-store experience that is easy for customers to shop so they can express themselves through our merchandise.

We have developed a highly efficient operating model that seeks to drive growth and profitability while minimizing operating risk. Our merchandising, sourcing and pricing strategies generate strong and consistent performance across our product offering and throughout the entire year.

Through specialized in-store merchandising and visual navigation elements, we enable a self-service model that minimizes in-store staffing needs and allows us to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

We utilize a flexible and disciplined real estate strategy that allows us to successfully open and operate stores that average approximately 115,000 square feet across a wide range of formats and markets. Based on our internal analysis and external research, we believe that we have the potential to expand to at least 600 stores in the United States over the long term.

We believe that our differentiated home décor concept, highly efficient operating model and flexible real estate strategy create competitive advantages that have driven our financial success.